Alfresco Community 4.2.d

I am very happy to announce another Alfresco Community release is planned for next week! This will be the Alfresco Community 4.2.d release and is based on the very latest 4.2 community code-line.

Here are some of the exciting new features and improvements that you will find in 4.2.d. This release builds on the features added to Community 4.2.c which you can also read about.

LightTheme and Share Header

The latest iteration of the new Share user interface theme. This theme is progress towards a lighter looking, more modern UI experience.


This release includes an improved and redesigned Share header component – built on the enhanced Surf UI framework that is part of 4.2. The header includes access to the new application areas such as My Files which is described below, and improved Site favourite management. LightTheme is the default for new installations. It is also the default theme in the very latest MyAlfresco cloud update. If you haven’t tried MyAlfresco for a while, now is a good time to do just that – as the interface is now snappier and more responsive.

Share Header

Simplified Document Library Toolbar

A collapsed and simplified user experience for the Document Library toolbar area. Multiple toolbar areas and multiple menus have been collapsed into single toolbars and menus giving much more vertical screen estate. With a simplified Create menu making for a less cluttering view and easier to find places to put customised menu options. The addition of Create Document From Template option is also a new feature.

Document Library Toolbar

The document library also has improved performance due to performance related bug fixes from our 4.1 Enterprise branches.

Filmstrip and Full Screen View

Since 4.2.c the Gallery View has also been improved with the addition of a Filmstrip view that enables rapid viewing of large thumbnails for media files directly from the Gallery View. File Drag and Drop and multi-select actions are still supported from this new view. It also features Full Window and Full Screen options for distraction free viewing of large media files.

Filmstrip View

Table View and Configurable Document Library Views

A brand new Table or “spreadsheet” like view has been added to the document library. The Table View is an excellent example of the new configurable document library view framework that is part of 4.2. A basic document table view plus Audio and Media focused table views are configured and available by default. See the <view-renderers> section in share-config.xml for examples of how these views are configured, including example Email and Dublin Core views.

Table View

It is also worth pointing out that you can now set a view as a “default” for a folder you own so Share will remember when you next visit it, other users who visit the folder will be presented with that persisted view preference as the default also.

Icon Refresh

Share has had a new set of icons rendered for it, in keeping with the flat styling of most modern web-sites and applications.

My Files and Shared Files

The return of user home directories to Alfresco! A very popular feature in Alfresco Explorer, users now have their home folder exposed in Alfresco Share, accessible from the “My Files” option in the header.

Shared Files is a common Contributor location accessible to all users (by default) - this maps to a new folder under the “Company Home”. An Administrator can set-up appropriate company permissions to use this as a central location for shared documents.

User Trashcan

Now all users can retrieve accidently deleted files and folders without contacting an Adminstrator. Accessible under the My Profile area, a user Trashcan is a searchable location where files can be restored or purged with multi-select actions. It is also possible to restore entire deleted Share sites with document library content and all components and permissions still intact. Users can also view the content of deleted documents without restoring them completely, as a quick way of retrieving or validating accidently deleted content.

User Trashcan

Updated CMIS API

Including support for CMIS 1.1 features such as the Browser Binding.

Alfresco Public REST API

Including access to Sites, People, Favorites, Tags and more

Refresh of installed 3rd party components

Java 7u25, Tomcat 7.0.42, PostgresQL 9.2.4, ImageMagick 6.8.6


As usual the Share translations have been improved and there are more languages available than ever. Translations include: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese.

Metadata Query

A subset of CMIS queries may be automatically executed against the database if they do not contain OR, CONTAINS(), SCORE() or IN_TREE(); nor refer to decimal, boolean or URI CMIS data types.


Lots of bugs have been fixed as usual. You should also again find the performance of 4.2 is much better than Community 4.0. See the full list of fixed bugs since the 4.2.c release.

In Summary

We hope you enjoy this Alfresco Community release!

26 Responses to “Alfresco Community 4.2.d”

  1. Andreas Steffan Says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    Would be nice if you guys could make spring surf/-webscript source code versions “play nice”. In the past, I had trouble with source code (e.g. downloaded by maven) not matching actually executing code even though versions read the same. Also seemed the shipping artifacts were built from different subversion revisions complicating the issue a little further.


  2. Heiko Robert Says:

    This is really a good news!!
    The features are very nice. Personally I am looking forward even more to the bux fixes. For the (esp. community) users after 3.4 started a long, long, stony road and we spent so much time in fixing and patching. Instead of discussing about alternatives now we can go back on track and do great work!

  3. Kevin Roast Says:

    Yes I agree and there will be a Milestone release of spring surf for the community release so it will indeed be using a specific rev that you can acquire via maven. We are using maven internally in parallel with any builds so we need this also.

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  5. Nicolas Raoul Says:

    Great to see CMIS 1.1 support coming!
    I guess that means we can now retrieve aspect data easily, thanks to secondary types, without using the Alfresco OpenCMIS Extension?

  6. Kevin Roast Says:

    >I guess that means we can now retrieve aspect data easily, thanks to secondary types, without using the Alfresco OpenCMIS Extension?
    Yes that is correct.

  7. Jack L Says:

    “Table View and Configurable Document Library Views” – Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits!


  8. Kevin Roast Says:

    >Would be nice if you guys could make spring surf/-webscript source code versions “play nice”. In the past, I had trouble with source code (e.g. downloaded by maven) not matching actually executing code even though versions read the same. Also seemed the shipping artifacts were built from different subversion revisions complicating the issue a little further.

    4.2.d will ship with SpringSurf 1.2.0M11

  9. Andreas Steffan Says:

    Perfect, 1.2.0M11 looks good.

    Thank you guys !


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  12. Sandra Martin Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Some of the features introduced in Alfresco Community 4.2.d are really nice and valuable. On the other hand we found a few of the new features quite confusing for unexperienced users. You might want to have a look at . (Please note, the article is in German)


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  15. Martinius Says:

    Great news! I am excited to test it…

    A while ago I heared about adding facetted search to alfresco share. Is there any chance that this feature will be in one of the next releases?


  16. Kevin Roast Says:

    Yes indeed, it’s on the list – it’s something we’d like to spend further time designing properly before it’s added.

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  18. Paulo Roberto Says:

    Alfresco 4.2D installed on windows seven, and I’m not finding solution to a problem in Share. By accessing documents details in the repository is not possible to view the document.
    Returning the following error: “the preview could not be loaded from the server.” This occurs in pdf documents. In the documents .odt is ok.
    I used the default installer.

    thank you

  19. Gary Kam Says:

    is SOLR part of this release ?

  20. Gary Kam Says:

    Is facet search available in this release ?

  21. richard tomkins Says:

    Manually installed on Windows 7, 64 bit. All the prerequisites, then Tomcat, then PostgreSQL, then the WAR files and finally the configuration.
    Whew, it was really hard to find any single place for guidance, so I fixed that, I wrote a Manual Installation Guide for Alfresco Community 4.2.d., enjoy.

  22. Kevin Roast Says:

    Facetted search is not in this release. SOLR is in this release – and has been since 4.0.

  23. Kevin Roast Says:

    That’s brave work :) thanks!

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