The Benefits of Virtualization and Cloud Computing: An ebizQ Podcast Interview

I was recently interviewed by Jessica Ann Mola of ebizQ about “Virtualization and Cloud Computing”. The interview discussed the following points.

  • What Alfresco is hearing from their customers and community on their needs and desires around the cloud
  • How the benefits of cloud computing differ between SMBs and large enterprises
  • The importance of Open Source to the cloud
  • Alfresco’s current and long-term cloud computing strategy
  • Outside of ECM, other industries that can benefit most from cloud computing

The full transcript is available at ebizQ.

You can try Alfresco in the cloud at CloudTrial

We recently announced an Early Adopter Program for Alfresco SMB on Amazon. More details can be found at AlfrescoSMB

Have fun listening.


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One Response to “The Benefits of Virtualization and Cloud Computing: An ebizQ Podcast Interview”

  1. gold coast computer services Says:

    Well Cloud Computing has many benefits. As the organizing principles underlying today’s datacenter, have actually outlived their utility and that a new paradigm is emerging.

    Not to forget that there are specific pain points within the underlying IT infrastructure for which we often could not devote time to formulate long term solutions. Most of the challenges that the current data centers are facing include:

    — Ballooning labor costs
    — Sky-high energy consumption
    — Growing Demands from users
    — Chaotic data silos
    — Exponential growth in data volume

    The hidden cost in responding to these pain points is business innovation and at this point the role of cloud computing becomes important.

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