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Alfresco Community Edition 3.2 Podcast

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Alfresco Community Edition 3.2 has major new functionality in the areas of:

  • Enhanced Records Management
  • Mobile Access
  • Email Client Access and Archiving via  IMAP support
  • Enhanced CMIS Support
  • Extranet Collaboration
  • WCM Parallel Deployment with significant performance improvements

and is what we recommend for all new and existing community members. It is immediately available for download at:

Much of what 3.2 is about is captured by Forrester’s drivers for 2009:

  • · Reduce Cost – Core to Open Source
  • · Improve Integration – CMIS
  • · Increase Innovation – Mobile Support and Email Management/Archiving
  • · Increase Support for Regulatory Requirements – Foundation for Records Management

In this podcast I discuss with Paul Hampton, Director of Product Marketing, this new release.

Ian Howells and Paul Hampton Discussing Alfresco Community 3.2

Good Listening


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