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Alfresco Community Edition 3.2 Podcast

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Alfresco Community Edition 3.2 has major new functionality in the areas of:

  • Enhanced Records Management
  • Mobile Access
  • Email Client Access and Archiving via  IMAP support
  • Enhanced CMIS Support
  • Extranet Collaboration
  • WCM Parallel Deployment with significant performance improvements

and is what we recommend for all new and existing community members. It is immediately available for download at:

Much of what 3.2 is about is captured by Forrester’s drivers for 2009:

  • · Reduce Cost – Core to Open Source
  • · Improve Integration – CMIS
  • · Increase Innovation – Mobile Support and Email Management/Archiving
  • · Increase Support for Regulatory Requirements – Foundation for Records Management

In this podcast I discuss with Paul Hampton, Director of Product Marketing, this new release.

Ian Howells and Paul Hampton Discussing Alfresco Community 3.2

Good Listening


Alfresco Labs 3 Final Podcast

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Alfresco Labs 3 Final is a milestone release for Alfresco Labs and is what we recommend for all new community members. We also recommend this as a download and upgrade for existing community members.

It is immediately available for download under the open source GPL license at

In this podcast I discuss with Mike Farman, Director of Product Management ECM Products, this new release.

Ian And Mike discussing Alfresco Labs 3 Final

  1. What is the major driver behind the latest release of Alfresco Labs 3?
  2. Given that the focus is on a content services platform what standards are you  focusing on?
  3. Can you review what is new in Web Content Management?
  4. Can you review what is new in Collaboration?
  5. Can you review what is new in Document Management?
  6. Can you review what is new in Email Management?
  7. The other critical part of a content platform is scalability. What is new in regard to performance?
  8. To scale on the cloud multi-tenant is important. Can you explain how Alfresco has implemented multi-tenant?
  9. How can users find out more information?
  10. How can a user try out the new version?

Good Listening


Alfresco 2.2 Podcast

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

144-x-144-flower.jpgAlfresco 2.2 has focused on offering content management and collaboration for everyone in the enterprise and has used web 2.0 technologies to bring together content management, collaboration, office and email integration all within one repository.

Many industry leading clients are using Alfresco to provide next generation user experiences, creating communities around their products, and delivering this at dramatically lower cost through the benefit of open source.

These new community oriented product micro-sites need to be highly-scalable with the ability to integrate rich media with user generated content, and support rapid content update for a fresh customer experience, while promoting a consistent brand.

Experience with this next generation of websites has driven the enhancements in Alfresco 2.2 including:

  • Web Application Preview and Test – providing the ability to preview in-context changes to any web application, including PHP, Ruby, JSF, Tiles, Struts, Groovy, and .NET
  • Web Farm Deployment Configuration – supports advanced deployment rules for scalable, 3-tier web application architectures with partitioned, replicated deployment
  • Site Templating and Branching – enabling rapid creation of new sites from existing templates and ability to baseline major site updates by branching existing site
  • Asset Reuse – update and sharing of content across web projects

Alfresco has continued its focus on collaboration and management for the whole enterprise in version 2.2 with enhancements delivering the following capabilities:

  • Email-based Collaboration – Email directly into the repository and capture all discussions relating to a specific document
  • Email Archival – Automatic capture and archival of all attached files and email messages
  • JMX-based Server Administration – JSR-160 support offering administrators access to Alfresco via a JMX console

This podcast is a recording of a live webinar discussing and demonstrating Alfresco 2.2. More details can be found at:

There is a new Developer Toolbox in the Content Community that contains starter apps, sample code of web scripts and java-backed web scripts. Nancy discusses this in her blog that can found at:

This is a great way to learn more about Alfresco 2.2 and prepare for Alfresco 3.0

Have fun


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