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Back in January I posted a blog about how powerful the Aspect feature was in Alfresco. It included two videos – one showing how to apply an aspect and one showing how to search on an aspect. A number of people have asked about getting access to my configuration files so they could try it out themselves. So here are the instructions and sample files.


These customisations will add a number of new types and one new aspect:

Types Attributes Aspect Attributes
Contract Contract ID Customer Info Customer Name
Standard Operating Procedure SOP ID Customer ID
Report Report ID Customer Contact
Case File Case ID
Issue Log Issue ID
Proposal Proposal ID
Meeting Notes Meeting ID


The demo configurations consist of 5 files. Copy these to the relevant location within the Alfresco install (note: if you already have some of these files, with local configurations, you will need to merge the changes).

Copy to

(note: you will need to create the messages folder)

Copy custom-slingshot-application-context.xml and share-config-custom.xml to

(note: you will most probably already have a share-config-custom.xml file. This one can replace the default one if you have not modified it)

Copy demo-context.xml and demoModel.xml to

Now restart the server. If everything goes right you should now be able to…

  1. Change the type
  2. Add an aspect
  3. Set the meta data
  4. Use the advanced search feature.

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3 Responses to “Sample Types and Aspect – Config Files”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Thanks for these – much appreciated.

  2. Jeanjot Says:


    you have a problem in the file
    Modify :

    Otherwise you can not start Alfresco Share

    Thanks for the post

    Sorry for my English

  3. Paul Hampton Says:

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks for the feedback. I have no problems with my install files on my machine (running Alfresco Enterprise 3.4.1). But if others have problems then I suggest that they make the changes that you have outlined.


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