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Star Alfresco Connector for HCP

Provided by Star Storage

This product extends Alfresco content storage abilities to take advantage of Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).

This is especially useful in scenarios where large data volumes are being stored (either for compliance or for archival purposes). Also, this helps reduce the backup footprint of an Alfresco system by enabling customers […]

Sollan VCM

Provided by Sollan

Users save time when they are able to access the files they want quickly and rapidly:

Access rights are defined and based on user profile. Media indexing is specific to your production environment. Thumbnails and online preview tools make it easier to pre-select the appropriate files.

Your media files become effective […]



BEEFLY TOUCH is a Rich Internet Application, available in a user- friendly touch screen interface.

The intuitive touch screen interface enables users to index and store documents by following a few simple steps. It has been developed by using Flash/Flex and Java technologies.

The system administrator can use an […]

Formtek Version Browser Extension

Provided by Formtek

In most instances it is desirable for the most recent version of a document to be accessed and viewed. However, in some situations, you may want to access and view older versions of documents.

The Formtek Version Browser Extension allows you to select any older document version in Alfresco® Share […]

Formtek File Linking Extension

Provided by Formtek

Using standard Alfresco® Share, if you want a document to be accessible from multiple locations, the document must be physically copied or duplicated. In many cases, the preferable solution is to simply create a reference in those other locations that points to the original physical document rather than duplicating the […]

Formtek Auditing Extension

Provided by Formtek

For many organizations, capturing and reporting on the complete transactional history of a document or folder is a critical auditing function.

The Formtek Auditing Extension provides a complete audit log for every file and folder within Alfresco®. The Extension is integrated within the Alfresco Share interface and, when selected, displays […]

Formtek Peer Association Extension

Provided by Formtek

The ability to establish relationships or associations between documents managed within an ECM system is a requirement for many organizations.

The Formtek Peer Association Extension makes it possible for associations to be established between documents within Alfresco® Share. When an association is established, a visual confirmation of the association is […]

Formtek Security Extension

Provided by Formtek

When an organization uses a single ECM system to manage information throughout the enterprise, the ability to effectively administer the access privileges of a large number of users in different groups is critical.

The Formtek Security Extension offers more flexible security capabilities in addition to those available with standard Alfresco® […]


Provided by fme

docspread helps to make your content available on mobile devices in a simple, structured and secure way even if offline. docspread uses proprietary interfaces as well as the open CMIS standard to connect to ECM repositories. docspread can be run in different constellations, such as private, public or hybrid cloud […]

WeWebU OpenWorkdesk

Provided by WeWebU

WeWebU OpenWorkdesk was awarded Alfresco EMEA Solution of the Year 2011. WeWebU OpenWorkdesk is the best way of realizing content centric business applications. Based on major ECM repositories of IBM, Alfresco or any CMIS compliant ones it facilitates efficient transactional content management. Its Zero-Install Desktop Integration helps crossing the chasm […]

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